Neighborhoods of Tel Aviv

If you’re not sure where to live, vacation, or visit while you are in Tel Aviv, this list will give you a glimpse of the unique neighborhoods around the city. Tel Aviv is a city that truly never sleeps. Whether you’re going for a jog at six in the morning or coming back from a night out at two in the morning, you’ll see friendly faces roaming the streets with you. Each neighborhood brings it’s own unique twist to the city. Let’s take a look at these six Tel Aviv neighborhoods and what each one has to offer.

Kerem Ha'Taimanim

Known for being Shuk Hacarmel’s neighbor, Kerem Ha’Taimanim has a lot to offer. It’s central to Tel Aviv and you can get to most other neighborhoods in under 20 minutes (or faster if you’re a biker)! This quaint Tel Aviv neighborhood has tons of shops, food spots, and bars all-around. If you’re looking at rent prices in this area, consider that there’s a good chance you’ll save on groceries every week shopping at the shuk. Over time, you’ll likely even befriend your favorite vendors! Apart from the shuk, the neighborhood is a 5-10 minute walk to the beach (depending where your apartment is). So if you’re a beach soul, you can pretty much count on being there every day during the summer months and never missing a beautiful beach sunset!


  • Walk around Shuk Hacarmel where you can find quick food, bakeries, flower shops, and candy stands
  • Stroll the art fair every Tuesday and Friday
  • Explore through the alley ways to find hidden restaurants and cafes 
  • Shop the stores of Allenby st., King George st., and Sheinken st.
  • Easily access the beach, and if you’re feeling active, walk the boardwalk to Jaffa

Neve Tzedek

Luxurious apartments are what this boutique neighborhood is known for. Celebrities, like Gal Gadot, have homes in this neighborhood. There are galleries, boutique stores, and cafes lining the streets of this neighborhood. On an ordinary day, you can find travelers and Israeli locals walking around and admiring the streets or stopping for tasty gelato. Within the neighborhood is the Old Train Station, where you can walk around alongside art fairs and top restaurants. Being close to the beach is the cherry on top of this glamorous, high-end Tel Aviv neighborhood.

  • Shop galleries, boutiques, jewelry stores, and bookstores
  • Take a break from the heat with Anita’s popular gelato or frozen yogurt
  • Socialize at the cafes lining the street
  • Visit the Old Train Station for art fairs and restaurants 
  • Easily access the beach

Old North

Many would say that the Old North is a quieter part of Tel Aviv. Families tend to migrate there, attracted to the more wholesome feel of the area. However, this certainly doesn’t mean there is a lack of cafes, bars, and restaurants. Depending how far North you are, you can explore Park Hayarkon, visit the beach, or walk along Dizengoff Street. 

  • Picnic, rent bikes, or canoe at Park Hayarkon
  • Shop the trendy stores of Dizengoff St.
  • Find your next favorite coffee or food spot
  • Easily access the Marina and Tel Aviv Port

Lev Halr

This residential area is filled with coffee shops, restaurants, and boulevards to stroll on. During the warmer months you’ll find many people having picnics along Rothschild Blvd and kids playing at Habima. This neighborhood borders Shuk Hacarmel, Sarona Market, TLV Fashion Mall, and Dizengoff Center – all great places you can find yourself spending time at.

  • Picnic at the food stands along the boulevards (they’ll provide blankets)
  • Enjoy basking in the sun and people watching at Habima 
  • Visit Sarona Market – and indoor place filled with lots of restaurants, arcade games, and kid-friendly activities  on the outside

City Center

The name says it all. Dizengoff St. runs through the middle of City Center. There, you can find boutiques, stores, food joints, and bars that are almost always packed at night. You can take a break from all the noise by sitting at Dizengoff Fountain or taking a walk to the nearest beach. Needless to say – anytime of day – you will rarely find yourself bored in this neighborhood.

  • Sit and relax at Dizengoff Fountain
  • Shop the trendy boutiques of Dizengoff st. 
  • Catch a movie at Dizengoff mall
  • Easily access various beaches


Florentin has been up and coming for awhile now. It tends to draw a younger crowd due to the lower rent prices. When in the neighborhood, make sure to keep an eye out for the graffiti all around, painted by many artists. The young-vibey atmosphere makes for a great night out and a place to make lots of friends.

  • Sign up for a Graffiti tour
  • Go out to nearby clubs and bars
  • Visit Romano, which is a market during the day and turns into Teder (a club) at night

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