Safety Tips for Subletting during Covid-19

While many people are scrambling to find a place to stay, we want to do our best to make the process as smooth as possible. We understand that for some it is still necessary to look for a place to live during this time. As we are all continuing to go through this pandemic together, our team will work to connect users to listings that best fit their needs. It is important to do the best we can to keep ourselves and others safe during the subleasing process. Here are some preventative safety measures to keep in mind:


  •  Use video calls instead of in-person visits 
  • Have an on-hand video of your place to send to anyone who shows interest
  • Limit in-person visits to only highly potential candidates 
  • Have a no-touch policy when meeting new roommates 
  • Clean frequently touches surfaces before and after potential roommate visits 

Stay Healthy,

My Instant Connection Team

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